HP Tyres Ltd will be attending every round of Masters Historic Racing supplying Dunlop and Goodyear tyres and also providing a tyre fitting service trackside.

All tyres supplied at the track will need to be pre-ordered and pre-paid 14 days prior to eventparticularly for European rounds to ensure availability.

Any tyres supplied at European circuits will be subject to local VAT, in accordance with EU VAT laws.

We suggest that UK teams purchase and have their tyres delivered prior to European rounds to avoid European VAT. Tyres delivered to UK teams prior to the event will be subject to UK VAT, as normal. The best advice for all UK teams is to purchase and fit as best you can prior to travel.

 Tyres delivered to EU teams prior to the event will be subject to their local export taxes and duty, as normal.

 Service will be available on site for checking and changing.

Please call our office on +44 (0)1327 30188 or email office@hptyres.com to place your order.